Sonny Angel HIPPERS - Harvest Series - Attach to Almost Anything



Sonny Angel HIPPERS - Harvest Series - Attach to Almost Anything



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Brand: Sonny Angel

Item code: SAHH

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Sonny Angel is wearing colorful fruit and vegetable headdresses and is mischievously climbing up onto something!

We are proud to introduce the HIPPERS Harvest Series, the anticipated second installment of HIPPERS, Sonny Angel decorative figures that can be attached to almost anything around you. The theme for this second Hippers series is "Harvest", calling to mind a seasonal bounty of fruits and vegetables. The adorable “climbing” pose makes you want to harvest these as soon as possible. You can't help but want to harvest them all. In addition to decorating smartphones and computers, this series will bring you happiness when you fix them on dining tables, in the kitchen, or even on to flower pots.

Attach a Harvest Hipper to your dining table, kitchen appliance or cannister. If you attach it to a flower pot, be careful so that you don’t harvest Sonny Angel unintentionally.

You can attach HIPPERS to any flat surface with the supplied adhesive tape. You can remove and reattach the adhesive several times. *Adhesive strength may decrease depending on the material and condition of the surfaces to which it is attached.


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