Montessori Multisensory Tray XL for Developing Pre-Writing Skills




Montessori Multisensory Tray XL for Developing Pre-Writing Skills



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Brand: Akros

Item code: 20617

Size: 59 x 40.2 cm

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Large multisensory tray for developing pre-writing skills and hand-eye coordination by creating figures through touch.

Allows children to create and experiment as a group. Inspired by the Montessori methodology.

What  children learn?

  Attention and concentration
  Cooperative learning
  Fine motor skills
  Learning shapes and colours
  Multiple intelligences
  Sensory development
  Spatial orientation

  -  Wooden tray that enables the development of pre-writing (A2 size) (59 x 40.2 cm).

  -  Reversible board: black board for chalk and magnetic whiteboard for erasable 

  -  Chalk and board wiper for the blackboard.  (3 chalks and 1 eraser)

  -  Erasable marker pen for the whiteboard.  (1 felt-tip pen)

  -  Sand for the tray.  (3 bag of sand (0.4 kg))

  -  Sand smoother.

From 3 to 6 years. 

Although the tray is recommended for children aged 3 to 6 years, it can also be used with older children or those with special needs who need to work on hand-eye coordination, fine psycho motor skills or learning through touch. 


o To start pre-writing through the sense of touch.
o To work on hand-eye coordination.
o To develop psycho motor skills and manual dexterity.
o To develop the skills of attention, observation, discrimination and execution. o To encourage creativity.
Inspired by the Montessori Methodology.


Empty some of the sand onto the pre-writing tray (it is recommended not to use too much sand in order to be able to write and draw better in the tray). 

Next, place the board on the stand in the tray so it is perpendicular to it. 

Draw on one of the two boards whatever you want to work on, or ask the child to think freely about what they want to do. You can work on letters, numbers, shapes, 
etc. The concept will depend on the age and the knowledge of the child. 

Next, ask them to copy the picture that appears on the board into the sand. 

Use the sand smoother to leave the sand smooth and start again. 

As the child acquires more dexterity, you can reverse the process and draw in the tray and ask the child to reproduce it on the blackboard or whiteboard.
GROUP GAME INSTRUCTIONS: The large size of the multi-sensory tray also enables you to create and experiment as a group. 


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