TAKO the Sticky Octopus - Create Rain & Foam - Flot Eco Friendly Bath Toy



TAKO the Sticky Octopus - Create Rain & Foam - Flot Eco Friendly Bath Toy



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Brand: OPPI

Item code: OFTA01

Size: 20,8 × 15,1 × 8,7 cm

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Tako the Octopus is part of the Flot Collection. The children will experiment: they will make rain and shower flow or create their own foam and bubbles! Tako sticks everywhere thanks to its suction cups. Tako bath toy can be stuck and unstuck over and over again with his fun suckers!

The Flot Collection Bath Toys are completely washable with soap and water, by hand or in the dishwasher. Animals split in half to be 100% cleaned.

The Flot Collection is a set of 3 bath toys (Kuji the Whale, Kaba the Hippopotamus and Tako the Octopus) which develop sensory awareness and autonomy for children from 10 months old. These are 3 animals that accompany and reassure children during bath time, with whom they can imagine incredible stories... while learning good hygiene gestures.

The Flot Collection was designed in collaboration with childhood specialists: Sonia Krief, childcare assistant and founder of the "bain de Sonia" and Anaïs Rognard, occupational therapist.

They provide useful benefits for the good development of children: sensory awakening, well-being, fine motor skills, experimentation, imagination, confidence, autonomy, hygiene.

These 3 animals are made in France and are eco-friendly: one part in 100% natural biosourced material based on wood fiber waste, and the other in flexible and recyclable non-toxic material. Each toy is designed in two parts to be easily washed and dried.


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