TULU 3 Elastic Reinvented Building Blocks - Open Ended Toy for ALL AGES

TULU 3 Elastic Reinvented Building Blocks - Open Ended Toy for ALL AGES

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Hello Tulu!

The latest play shape and puzzle piece in the MOLUK cosmos is called Tulu! 3 Elastic Building Blocks to Imagine, Connect, Roll!

Tulu reinvents the building block. Instead of square cubes, you can now stack and balance balls and other round objects – Tulu provides the missing link. In classic MOLUK fashion, the elastic spool shapes become versatile play objects that grow with your child.

Tulu shines as an elegant grasping and teething toy for babies.  SOFT. SAFE. SILENT.

0 -12 months
grasp + sense

Toddlers will stack, roll, or nest the pieces. You can thread a string or cloth through them or sort them by color. Combine Tulu with Bilibo Mini and other MOLUK toys to create even more adventurous constructions, or use them as open-ended accessories in pretend play! 

1 - 3 years
stack + build

Tulu playfully trains fine motor skills, coordination, and concentration while engaging the child's imagination and curiosity. You will be astonished at how many possibilities your child will discover with these deceptively simple shapes!

3 - 12 years
Imagine + invent

There's so much you can do with Tulu!

Roll them, stack them, nest them, sort them, and combine them with all your other toys. You can build them into a castle, arrange them into a smile, or even turn them into a modern work of art.

Plus, made of 100% silicone, they're soft, safe, and silent, so kids AND parents are happy.

What will you do with Tulu?

Tulu by MOLUK

*   Silicone spool-shaped toys for open-ended creative play
*   Encourages fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, creativity
*   So many unique ways to explore and play
*   Choose either the 3-piece set or 9-piece set

Dishwasher safe.
100 % Silicone.
BPA - free
PVC - free
Phthalates -  free
Latex - free

Tulu win SpielGut® Award!

the new Tulu have been awarded the spielgut® seal of approval for their outstanding play value and child-friendly design. The German non-profit organization is one of the few truly independent award programs. For more than 60 years, it has been promoting high-quality, sustainable toys that make a difference in children's lives. Each toy is thoroughly tested by children and reviewed by a panel of child development experts to meet spielgut's high standards for educational value, safety and environmental impact. A total of 15 MOLUK toys now carry the spielgut® seal.


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