STIX Open-Ended Modular Construction Toy 60pcs - Challenge Balance & Patience



STIX Open-Ended Modular Construction Toy 60pcs - Challenge Balance & Patience



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What is Stix?

Stix is an open-ended and modular construction toy that engages kids’ creativity. Stix is modular toy that develops, imagination and creativity of children from 2 - 12 years old.

The aim of the game? Absolute freedom: to create and reproduce all possible and unimaginable ideas. Planning, fine motor skills and creativity are the keys to creating amazing creatures, characters or buildings!

And for that, Stix hides a magic secret: the “rotational joint”! By combining the half-spheres and the silicone tubes, the children obtain a rotational joint which allows them to freely orient and stabilize the constructions with the wooden planks! The silicone pieces hold the wooden planks in place and allow endless possibilities.

Gameflow possibilities

The best rule is to have no rules at all! Build the creation of your choice, but remember this important principle: if you want to connect different heights, use the joint system to make your construction as stable and creative as possible!

Figurative play
With Stix, you can also create friends to play with: animals, buildings, bridges, or even entire cities... Use the creative cards to assist you and spark your ideas!

Stix Tower
Build the tallest tower without letting any piece fall.
Try to use all the pieces you can (tubes, half-spheres, and planks). Can you reach the ceiling?

Stix Battle
Challenge your balance and patience (alone or with a teammate) in this game mode! Start by placing the first plank perfectly balanced on one or more tube(s), then continue building the tower by adding one piece on each side. Be careful to place the pieces at the same time to avoid tipping the tower! This game mode can be played in cooperation or competition (the first one to make the tower fall loses). 


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