100 Colourful Plus-Plus BIG Construction Toy Designed for Small Hands

100 Colourful Plus-Plus BIG Construction Toy Designed for Small Hands

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Brand: Plus-Plus

Item code: 3210

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Enter a magical world of colours with the BIG Basic Colour Mix 100-piece set. This box is designed for young children who want to explore a world filled with play and creativity.

With 100 colourful Plus-Plus pieces in a variety of colours, the door opens to a world of possibilities. Build vibrant figures, imaginative landscapes and unique constructions - only imagination sets the limits! The box invites free play and allows creativity to flow.

BIG Basic Color Mix 100-piece set is a playful blend of colours that will capture children's attention. Let them dive into a rainbow of blue, green, red, yellow, black, white, purple and orange Plus-Plus. Each colour opens up a new possibility and creates a vibrant and fun play experience.

Plus-Plus BIG is designed for small hands and is easy for even the tiniest hands to handle. The soft and pleasant texture makes them enjoyable to touch, and children will delight in exploring the different shapes and colours.

BIG Basic Color Mix 100-piece set is not just play, but also a learning experience. Children will learn about the magic of colours, develop their fine motor skills and practice counting and sorting the blocks.
Give the little ones the freedom to explore a world of colour with the BIG Basic Colour Mix. Let them play freely, create colourful masterpieces and express their imagination. Experience the joy that arises when they build and play freely. Let colour be a source of play and creativity in your child's life!

BIG is specially designed for the youngest children and is approved for ages 0 and up
Plus-Plus is easy to clean and can be washed in the washing machine or dishwasher
Free from endocrine-disrupting substances


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