Build Animal Vision Glasses - Experience 4 Different Animals - Innovative DIY Kit



Build Animal Vision Glasses - Experience 4 Different Animals - Innovative DIY Kit



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This manual activity kit will give you an amazing experience: You have to climb into the skin of animals and see the world like them! You will understand that our vision is not the same, and even lose some direction.
An original, interesting optical game. An amazing experience between science and imagination! 

How does it work?
There is a pair of safety glasses in the science toolbox. You need to assemble a box in which you can insert different optical lenses and mirrors to change the view.

You will be able to experience the following illusions:
Insect vision (kaleidoscope)
 To look up (an animal, such as a snail, whose eyes are above its head)
A kind of fish Look down (feel like an eagle overlooking everything)
To view (a horse, for example) from both sides at one time

What are you going to learn?
– the role of the brain in vision
-Binocular vision: why do we have two eyes?
-The difference of vision between prey and predator
-How science draws inspiration from the animal world (bionics)

What's in the kit? 
Safety glasses, optical lenses, mirrors, screws, nuts, rubber bands, brochures.
An illustrated pamphlet, including the teaching contents of visual function, binocular vision and animal vision.

Each kit contains a brochure illustrated in 5 languages:
- a step-by step with very clear explanations and great illustrations
- Pedagogical content on the theme
- Languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch.

Format: 27 cm x 18 cm x 5 cm
Manufacturing:European Union
Assembly:ESAT in Normandy (Work Establishment Aided)
Required tool for editing:no

Koa Koa STEAM Education Innovative DIY Kits let kids build their own toys to understand Art, Science and Technology.

“Sorry Apple, Koa Koa’s little boxes of science goodness are so fascinating and engaging, they make kids forget the iPas even exists.”
- Babyology (Australia)



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